Welcome to Gould Hall

Understanding a business is essential in creating a successful computer system and we pride ourselves in delivering 'business solutions' not just 'computer solutions'. We have been successfully providing these solutions for nearly 30 years.

Most of our systems are 'bespoke', based on tried and tested modules and the experience gathered over many years. We are able to integrate with many different technologies to help provide 'automation' and 'time savings' where possible.

We have been using Barcode technology for decades allowing our customers to make use of real-time data capture and processing. We have integrated 'cutting machinery' and 'sortation equipment' into warehouses along with 'automated storage and retrieval systems'. We have also interfaced with many of the major logistics firms providing proof of delivery and on-line tracking capability.

Our customers supply many major retail organisations and are fully linked via EDI for order and invoice processing. They vary in size from the small retailer only requiring an online shop to one of the largest distributors in the country with over 50 trading brands.

We offer both a personal and professional service to our customers and in several instances manage their entire IT requirements, taking full responsibility for all computer network and software developments. When a 'one-stop-shop' service is not required, we are equally at ease working with in-house support teams.

Back Office Systems

We provide complete back office systems for both small and large businesses.

Our core software includes standard Financial modules such as Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers along with Stock control, Purchase Order processing and Sales Order Processing systems.

The software is tailored to suit the client and can be modified to integrate with specialist machinery, with supplier systems and also with client systems.

Many of our clients have bespoke EDI links to the country’s top retailers and supermarkets.


We provide systems for many types of warehouse. Complex systems for Fulfilment companies managing stock for multiple Blue-chip clients, simple systems for companies with basic stock requirements and bespoke systems for companies that require integration with warehouse machinery including, sortation equipment and cutting machines etc.

Our experience with barcoding dates back to the 1980’s and includes the latest RF Handguns and Radio Printers plus the use of RF tags for one client. We have hundreds of terminals in use around the country and they are all used for Real-Time stock movements and data capture. They are a perfect accessory for Perpetual Stock Inventory.

Mobile Technologies

In addition to the incorporation of Hand Held radio terminals and mobile printers, we have made extensive use of mobile devices. This has evolved from PDA phones, through Smart phones to the latest IPADs. One recent development is an App for the IPAD that runs a CRM based system for the country’s largest distributor of Floorcoverings with over 300 users.

In addition to the App we also have a standard browser based version of the CRM system.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A number of clients now use our software over the internet. Whilst the larger customers still opt for their own dedicated machines, we are able to host solutions for the small to medium operation.

This service will shortly be rolled out to the 'cloud'.

Clients are able to 'rent' the software and the services they require for an agreed annual plan. The improved reliability of internet connections has enabled this type of service to become a reality.

If you are a new e-commerce company reaching the point where you are finding it impossible to manage your web orders – why not connect your web site to our back-office hosted system? Contact brian.gray@gouldhall.com for further information.

Web / e-Commerce / Web Services

In addition to our Back-Office systems we have developed a number of e-Commerce front ends. Over 2,000 retailers/distributors use our systems to take orders for B2B and B2C purposes.

The majority of our e-Commerce sites work in real-time, with the available stock being ‘reserved’ as the customer is placing the item into their basket. This real-time link is crucial when you are offering Order by 10pm for Next Day Delivery. You cannot afford to over allocate the stock available.

In addition to our own e-Commerce sites we link to a number of third party or client bespoke web sites where orders are ‘exported’ into our back-office systems for 'fulfilment'.

We also provide a web services facility for loading orders.

Some of our work...